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Passport to Detroit


In Hong Kong city
At a chowder stand down from Kowloon
Met a junkie into syncronicity
He'd made all the phases of the spoon
He said mister I am able
To map the Cairo water table
But nowhere on my charts
Does it say how to mend a heart

In old Genoa
Behind some dump truck drivers door
There was a lady who was dressed up
Like Marlene before the war
Opinion held that she was ice
Oh but you could glimpse paradise
If you leaned close in the dark
And you told her how to mend a heart

Wait for all the lights,
All the light in town to go out
Avoid looking in the mirror
Turn the car and go south
Follow the Pole Star
Until she changes her petticoat
Check in to a desert motel
And let the dam in the waters go broke

Some nameless project
Out by the twentieth zone
We got a leaper gonna jump for it
He's paid about all he was owing
He said I'm telling you the truth
I would not be on this roof
If I hadn't seen some kissing in the park
Or known how to mend a heart


Joe Strummer: Vocals & Rythym Guitar
Zander Schloss: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Lonnie Marshall: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Willie MacNeil: Drums
Jack Irons: Drums

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