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I first was introduced to The Clash in 1987 by a high school kid who told me they were pretty cool. Since I was in Junior High at the time I agreed. After that I attempted to emulate them by wearing combat boots, thrift store threads, andpunking out my hair. The drawback to this at that time was that punk, for all intensive purposes, was dead. Hard rock was in, specifically expensive clothes with peoples names on them that I couldn't afford.

We were only punks at my high school. Even though there were no pretty dyes you can buy at the store, Kool-Aid and Jello (really) filled in fine. My clothes were a wreck and I was in a unique situation: I wasn't cool so people wanted to make fun of me, but I wasn't a little geek that they could easily thrash. I didn't care about petty issues so I didn't pick fights, but if anyone was up for a scrap I was more than apt to mosh. Thank God for a whiny guy from Seattle complaining about his sex life to revive the punk movement. No more taunts, no more broken limbs, and most of all......I'm cool again!

I was one of the few that purchased Earthquake Weather when it came out. The ironic thing is that I have had it stolen 3 times since then. The last 2 times I repurchased it I had to do some considerable searching to find it.

Joe was the only artist that mattered to me and he was a great example for a troubled youth. I will miss you Joe.

Evan Davis
Webmaster & Huge Fan

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