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Live At Shea Stadium

Track ListingWhat Album?
Kosmo Vinyl IntroductionLive
London CallingLondon Calling
Police On My BackSandinista!
The Guns Of BrixtonLondon Calling
Tommy GunG.E.E. Rope
The Magnificent SevenSandinista!
Armagideon TimeCombat Rock
The Magnificent Seven (Return)Sandinista!
Rock the CasbahCombat Rock
Train In VainLondon Calling
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash
Spanish BombsLondon Calling
ClampdownLondon Calling
English Civil WarG.E.E. Rope
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?Combat Rock
I Fought The LawThe Clash


Release Date: 1999
Label: Epic

Joe Strummer - Vocals & Rythym Guitar
Mick Jones - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Paul Simonon - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Topper Headon - Drums

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