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Black Market Clash

Album Tracks:

Side One

  1. Capital Radio One
  2. The Prisoner*
  3. Pressure Drop*
  4. Cheat**
  5. City of the Dead**
  6. Time is Tight

Side Two

  1. Bankrobber/Robber Dub
  2. Armagideon Time
  3. Justice Tonight/Kick it Over**

* Also On Super Black Market Clash
** Also On The Clash (album)

Super Black Market Clash - Front Cover

Release Date: 1980
Label: Epic
Vinyl Versions: U.S.

Band Members:

Joe Strummer - Vocals & Rythym Guitar
Mick Jones - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Paul Simonon - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Topper Headon - Drums

Produced by - Micky Foote,Bill Price, Mikey Dread, & The Clash

Black Market Clash was re-released as Super Black Market Clash with more digitally remastered tracks.

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