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Leopardskin Limousines


Noontime the lunchstand tilts
It's you baby walking in with your stilts
You don't have to eat here no more
Cos the sauerkrauts been on the dog-bowl floor
They made an old film of this
It shows in Hindu out on Air-Pacif
Shoulda seen it coming 'bout a mile away
Especially when you don't hear no harmonica play

What you can see is something you saw
When you were a little girl
Some picture passed by the Hays Commission
About a prairie and a Kansas whirl
It's true I didn't have a part in it
I was working out at Disneyworld
Dressing like a duck, not giving a fuck
Baby you can dream it's a pearl

People gonna wanna Xerox you baby
It's a good thing you ain't a chick-a-saw
Or your soul would take the overnight train
To Pittsburg calling Baltimore
People gonna wanna Xerox you baby
What will it do to your mind?
Hang gliding off the Grand Canyon
In a Coney Island for the blind.


Joe Strummer: Vocals & Rythym Guitar
Zander Schloss: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Lonnie Marshall: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Willie MacNeil: Drums
Jack Irons: Drums

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