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Gamma Ray


It's nine o'clock in the Chinese take-away,
And I blame it on the Gamma Ray.
Well, losing out to mah jong,
I set my watch to Hong Kong, I blame it all on... the Gamma Ray.
I hear the triad has crossed the Tong,
In Indianapolis, home of the Gamma Ray,
...the deadly Gamma Ray.
And there ain't no guest list tonight
At the Memorial Hall,
Cher got in 'cos she's so thin,
Even Evil Knievel tried to wheedle,
But no!...the deadly Gamma Ray,
I blame it all on the Gamma Ray,
You know why, you know why,
....the Gamma Ray.
Yeah I hear there's panic buying of shampoo,
And those little pots of goo,
You know why, you know why,
All because of the Gamma Ray.
When Alan McGhee went to Dundee,
He caused all the rock groups to flee,
Yeah I read it in the N.M.E... was the Gamma Ray.
The Chief Brigadier's head began to swell,
Firing off depleted uranium shells,
He bombarded everything pretty well,
Except for the Gamma Ray...
Blow it all away!
...and then the Gamma Ray seemed to say,
If you carry twelve margheritas on a tray,
You cannot be touched in anyway,
By the benign, yet malevolent...
Mark two chrome...Gamma Ray.
So let's go back to Indianapolis, Indianapolis,
Because it's the home...of the Gamma Ray.

Release Date: 2001
Label: Hellcat Records

Joe Strummer: Vocals
Scott Sheilds:Acc & Elec Guitar, Bass, & Raga Riffs
Martin Slattery: Hammond & Wulitzer
Pablo: Congos, Bongos, Guiros, A Go Go Bells & Shakers
Tymon: Violin & Sheep Charmer

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