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Bhindi Bhagee


Well I was walking down the High Road,
And this guy stops me,
He'd just got in from New Zealand,
And he was looking for some mushy peas
I said, no, we hadn't really got any around here,
I said, but we do got...
Balti, Bhindi, strictly Hindi.
Dall, Halal, and I'm walking down the road,
We got, rocksoul, okra, bombay duck-ra,
Shrimp beansprout, comes with it or without,
Bagels soft or simply harder,
Exotic avocado or toxic empenada,
We got, akee, lassi, Somali waccy baccy,
I'm sure back home you know what tikka's all about...
Welcome the humble neighbour hoods,
You can get inspiration along the highroad,
Hommus, cous cous, in the jus of octopus,
Pastrami and salami and lasagne on the go,
Welcome stranger, there's no danger,
Welcome to this humble neighbour hood
So anyway, I told him I was in this band, he said oh yeah!
Oh yeah? What's your music like? I said, it's errm...
Errm, well, it's kinda know..
It's got a bit of y'know...
Ragga, Bhangra, two-step Tanga,
Mini-cab radio, music on the go!
Urrm, surfbeat, backbeat, frontbeat, backseat,
There's a bunch of players and they're really letting go!
We got, Brit Pop, Hip Hop, Rockabilly, Lindy Hop,
Gaelic Heavy Metal fans, fighting in the road...
Aww sunday boozers for chewing gum users,
They got a crazy D.J. and she's really letting go!
Oh welcome the humble...neighbour hoods,
Well I say, there's plenty of places to eat around here,
he say...Oh yeah? I'm pretty choosy! Let's check it out...
Welcome stranger, to the humble neighbour hoods,
Well check it all that! Por-da-sol, por-da-sol,
Walking down the highroad...

Release Date: 2001
Label: Hellcat Records

Joe Strummer: Vocals
Scott Sheilds:Acc & Elec Guitars, Bass, Drums, Filtered Guitar & B. Vox
Martin Slattery: African & Acc Guitars, Bedroom Fuzzbox Solo, Flutes, Wurlitzer, & Bass Station
Pablo: Rhythm Track, Bodran & Wavedrum
Tymon: Violin & Electric Guitar
Richard Flack: Sherman Filter

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