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At The Border Guy


we built the buildings of the new city...
out of the broken down peoples,
and we built the new languages..
out of courtesy, and velocity...
somebody got to have propulsion...
push the envelope! extra, extra,
read all about it! common sense makes a comeback!
burned out cars in the valley,
there are seventeen an' boom goes the refinery...
where do nomads go when the dow jones falls too low?
in the crazy world...and Lee says forty nine...
we tried to get across the river...
ringo! bobo!...el numero! holy cow!
at Leek town hall tonight...
get me a taxi godamn! take me to a reggae city...
I'm always reporting for you...
in the dangerous bureau, this is McNally,
badge forty-nine, calling in, i'm with Mike Flynn...
taxi, godamn! ringo!

Release Date: 2001
Label: Hellcat Records

Joe Strummer: Vocals
Scott Sheilds: Bass, Rhythm & Picking Elec Guitars, Triple Tracked Drumkit, Low Humming Choir, & B. Vox, Timbale Break
Martin Slattery: Twin Speed Elec Guitar, Melodica, Hammond & Piano
Pablo: Tambourins, Whistles, Screaming & Vibing
Richard Flack: Live Echo Plating
& Sound Destruction

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